Fred Becker Elementary Overview

Fred Becker Elementary started their Leader in Me journey January 2011- at the very same time they opened a brand new building. The unique aspect of the Becker staff is that they are comprised of folks who had been educators in three different buildings. Becker staff are passionate about the leadership work and see a profound tie to academics. The Lighthouse Team’s first Wildly Important Goal (WIG) related to goal setting &leadership notebooks. 100% of students in every classroom track their academic and personal goals, learning, and progress, which in turn translates to classroom goals. They are continuously working to refine the goal setting process, score-boarding, and contents and use of leadership notebooks. They are passionate about streamlining the individual student goals to classroom to goals to school-wide goals. As a result of these efforts, students are taking more ownership for their learning and are more motivated to be engaged.

  • Becker Elementary is known for their strong leadership notebooks at every grade level, where students set goals, monitor progress, and stay engaged in their learning. Learn more here!
  • Becker student leaders engage in many leadership roles.  Learn more here!
  • Becker student leaders engage in many service projects- Check out this video of student leaders in action.  Learn more here!

Fred Becker Elementary
1239 Sheldon St.
Waterloo, IA 50701
(319) 433-2180

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