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Leader Valley Annual Report

Leader Valley is one of the few entities that partners with both the education and enterprise divisions of Franklin Covey, which allows us to serve our schools, but also our business community.

Looking to get involved?

Looking to get involved?

Let’s talk! Leader Valley is a collaborative partnership with Cedar Valley schools, businesses, and the community.
Looking to get involved?

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“Leader in Me isn’t necessarily a program. It is a way of thinking, a way of being, and a way of doing. This is a way of a gentle, kinder, and more caring environment within the schools. So if we can perpetuate the true 7 Habits, the learning has got to increase. Children will feel safer. They’re going to be more risk-takers. They’ll want to be more collaborative. They’re going to want to help each other and think win-win. They’re going to put first things first. It’s just a really good way of being.”
Dr. Victoria Robinson, University of Northern Iowa