WATERLOO, IA — April 15, 2024 — Leader Valley, a Cedar Valley nonprofit organization known for its commitment to leadership development, proudly announces the launch of Elevate Leadership Academy. This 8-month collaborative learning experience is designed to empower mid to upper-level leaders to navigate the complexities of today’s dynamic business landscape while preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Elevate Leadership Academy stands out for its timely and relevant curriculum, which places a strong emphasis on both individual leadership growth and the mastery of leading others. Participants can expect to undergo a journey of self-awareness and skill enhancement, culminating in the ability to make a significant impact within their organizations and the broader Cedar Valley community.

“Elevate Leadership Academy is not just another leadership program. It’s a transformational experience aimed at empowering leaders to reach their full potential,” said Dr. Melissa Reade, Leader Valley’s Executive Director. “Through a blend of content focused on “Leading You” and “Leading Others,” participants will acquire the essential knowledge and skills needed to lead effectively in today’s ever-evolving landscape.”

“Leading You” content focuses on personal leadership development, nurturing emotional intelligence, fostering a growth mindset, instilling personal accountability, and promoting overall wellness among participants. Meanwhile, “Leading Others” content equips leaders with the tools to mobilize their teams toward greatness, including skills in team development, effective communication, and fostering wellbeing among team members.

Ideal candidates for Elevate Leadership Academy are individuals with demonstrated leadership experience who are committed to enhancing their impact in both professional and community spheres.

Applications for Elevate Leadership Academy will be open from May 1st to July 19th with participant selection based on the order received.

Powered by Leader Valley, a nonprofit long recognized for its leadership development initiatives in the Cedar Valley, Elevate Leadership Academy represents a significant milestone in the organization’s vision of becoming the central leadership hub for the region.

For over 11 years, Leader Valley has made a profound impact on the Cedar Valley community, serving over 11,000 students across 27 schools through the Leader in Me program. Additionally, Leader Valley has expanded its offerings to include Leadership Accelerator courses and custom leadership development sessions for businesses like Talk to Me Technology, John Deere, Lincoln Savings Bank, and the University of Northern Iowa.

As Leader Valley enters into this next phase of serving the Cedar Valley, Dr. Melissa Reade remarked, “The launch of Elevate Leadership Academy underscores Leader Valley’s unwavering commitment to fostering leadership excellence at all levels and marks a significant step towards realizing our vision of being the premier leadership resource in the Cedar Valley.”

For more information and to apply, visit www.leadervalley.org/elevate-leadership-academy.