“And we know that because of the needs that have been identified across Cedar Valley businesses, a strengthened talent pool is needed. One of the things that we’re doing is to invest in our young people from a very early age so that they understand the importance of work ethic, communication skills, and soft skills. Those things that can’t always just be taught as an adult, but have to be ingrained over time. And so this effort – with Leader Valley and Leader Me is really an effort to strengthen our community by investing in our future workforce so they want to stay here, relocate here, and that our businesses can pull from a great talent pool. And then our community is more vibrant as a result.”
Melissa Reade, Leader Valley Director
“Leader in Me is all about working together, [and] not having one kid left out or be alone. It is all about having more than one person doing something – synergizing.”
Leader in Me Student
“Leader in me provides kids with a tangible and relatable way to articulate habits. We are able to use the language of Leader in Me and explain to them why it’s important that they change their behavior. It’s not just how they will. It’s how they are influencing others. It’s a great way to make kids aware that their actions impact others and others can impact them as well.”
Jenny Leeper, Cedar Falls Parent and School Board Member
“One of the biggest things we have seen is that our kids are very confident. They are very proud of themselves. They are not afraid to try new things. We have seen great increases in academic achievement but also behavior.”
Jen Hartman, North Cedar Principal
“There is a body of research that correlates with the proven fact “that students who are in charge of monitoring and reporting on their learning have higher levels of academic achievement.” John Hattie. Based on three years of academic results we are getting at the middle school, I believe the impact of Leader in Me, goal setting by students and reporting on the success through leadership notebooks is the reason we do NOT see a drop (the trend for middle schools in America) in our student achievement!”
Dale Monroe, Ph.D., Chief Administrator, Cedar Valley Catholic Schools
“Leader in Me really helps them focus on them as a person. But then it also helps them focus on their job as a student, when they get to school, how they need to act, what they need to do – all perfect life skills that we all need to know.”
Crystal Buzza, Director of Strategic Relations, Waterloo Schools
“I really think an unspoken strength of Leader in Me is that it helps students recognize they are part of something bigger. It’s for a greater good that they develop these skill. School’s going to better, not just the individual student. They take an interest in their community, their friends, and look beyond themselves. I think the sense of community that comes with Leader in Me is something we don’t talk about enough.”
Frank Darrah, Cedar Falls City Council Member