• EXPO Alternative Learning Center (EXPO-ALC)
“And we know that because of the needs that have been identified across Cedar Valley businesses, a strengthened talent pool is needed. One of the things that we’re doing is to invest in our young people from a very early age so that they understand the importance of work ethic, communication skills, and soft skills. Those things that can’t always just be taught as an adult, but have to be ingrained over time. And so this effort – with Leader Valley and Leader Me is really an effort to strengthen our community by investing in our future workforce so they want to stay here, relocate here, and that our businesses can pull from a great talent pool. And then our community is more vibrant as a result.”
Melissa Reade, Leader Valley Director

“Leader in Me is all about working together, [and] not having one kid left out or be alone. It is all about having more than one person doing something – synergizing.”

Leader in Me Student

“The Waterloo Career Center is thrilled on becoming a Leader in Me school!  We have valued our time working with Melissa and Teri on the potential impact this will have on our students! With the uniqueness of the opportunity at the WCC, we are confident the influence will prepare students to be successful citizens in our community, workplace, as individuals and beyond.  We look forward to our work with Leader in Me!”

Amy Miehe, Lead Teacher at Waterloo Career Center

“Through the Leader in Me work, it has helped us transform ourselves; reinvent ourselves. Culture, academics, discipline, the way the building feels is completely different than it was. You hear kids talk and own their learning at a different level.”

Andrea Christopher, Orchard Elementary School Principal