Some of the most affected as a result of COVID-19 are students in PreK-12 and higher education. While their health may not be adversely affected, the loss of routine and engagement is a significant alteration.

It is important that Leader Valley maintain touchpoints with students across the Cedar Valley.

To connect with students and parents in the Cedar Valley community, Leader valley launched Leader Valley LIVE, an online 15-minute early education experience. The curriculum provides a focus on exercise, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and an important leadership lesson unique to each live stream.

We also have been giving away prizes to our leaders who are extra engaged with the live stream. Special thank you to Ander’s mom for sharing this video with us!


The #LeaderValleyLive series was watched over 10,000 times, and the impact was overwhelming! Our favorite feedback is that Teachers have also been using the lessons as touchpoints with their students, counting toward the students’ required activities during the week.

Have you and your young leaders seen all of the episodes? Watch them on Leader Valley’s Youtube!