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Leader Valley is passionate about keeping in consistent contact with our stakeholders. Partners like you have made so much possible in the Cedar Valley, and it is exciting to share the impact and engagement created as a result of your support. View an archive of previous newsletters below.
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June, 2024- Janesville Lighthouse Milestone, New Staff Member, and More

May, 2024- Becker Service Learning, Elevate Sneak Peek, and More

April, 2024- New Lighthouse School, Elevate Application Open, and More

March, 2024- Women’s History Month, Trivia Night, New Job Opening, and More

February, 2024- Celebrating Black History Month, Maddie’s Story of Success, and More

January, 2024- Celebrating Leader in Me Award Winners, Reflecting on 2023, and More

December, 2023- Goal Setting with 1st Graders, Level Up Your Leadership, and More

November, 2023- Lennon’s Story of Success, Orange Receives Award, and More

October, 2023- Shantavia Receives Award, Giving Tuesday Preview, and More

September 2023- Leader in Me Week, New Leader Valley Swag, and More!

July 2023- Leader Valley’s New Staff, Schools, and Scholarship Winners

June 2023- School Year by the Numbers, Sean Covey Visits the Cedar Valley, and More!

April 2023- Love a Leader, Spring Leadership Events, and More

March 2023- Celebrating #WHM, Orange News Team, and More!

February 2023- Celebrating Black Leadership, Meet the Parks, and More!

January 2023- Celebrating Changemakers, New Scholarship, Annual Report, and More

December 2022- Here’s what we’re excited about in 2023!

November 2022- Jorno’s Success Story, Leader Valley Receives Award, Hear Hoover, and More

October, 2022- Stories of Success, Community Coaching Returns, Expo Leads 7 Habits Lesson, and More

September, 2022- Upcoming Leader in Me Week, Leadership Music Video, and More

August, 2022- Back to School, New Coach/Facilitator, Welcome Aldrich and Lincoln, and More

July 2022- Welcome New Principals, Students Lead Inclusion, Spotlight on Values, and More

June, 2022- Otto Schoitz Grant, Silent Auction, Columbus Lip Dub, and More

May, 2022- End of the School Year, Golf Fundraiser, Not-to-Do List, and More

April, 2022- New Lighthouse School, Federal Funding, and Golf Tournament

March, 2022 – See The Leader in Me Paradigms in Action

February, 2022 – Honoring Black History Month

January, 2022 – Waverly-Shell Rock MS Shares What Leadership Means to Them

December, 2021 – There’s Still Time to Impact Cedar Valley Students!

November, 2021 – Clear The Way for Student Leadership in the Cedar Valley

October, 2021 – Two Area Residents Run 40 Miles Carrying 40 Pounds To Benefit Leader Valley

September, 2021 – Hoover Middle School Students Host Leader Up

August, 2021 – The Leadership Series is Back – Access Your Early Bird Discount!

July, 2021 – Celebrating 10 Years of Leader Valley and Leader in Me Cont.

June, 2021 – Celebrating 10 Years of Leader Valley and Leader in Me Cont. 

May, 2021 – Celebrating 10 Years of Leader Valley and Leader in Me

April, 2021 – Leader Valley Welcomes New Team Member – Meet Nicole!

March, 2021 – Create Great – Helping Students Find the Leader in Themselves

February, 2021 – Leader Valley Featured on Steele Report, Leader Up, and Our Team is Growing!

January, 2021 – Leader Valley January Newsletter – Donor Thank You, Executive Coaching…

December, 2020 – Leader Valley December Newsletter – Unconscious Bias, Our Team is Growing, and more!

November, 2020 – Leader Valley November Newsletter – Leader Up, Lowell Elementary, and more!

October, 2020 – $250,000 1:1 Fundraising Match/Social-Emotional Learning with Orange Elem. Principal Hart

September, 2020 – Leader Valley Releases FY2020 Annual Report/Leader Valley Announces Leadership Series

August, 2020 – Waterloo Career Center Joins Leader in Me/Leader in Me Lighthouse Team Student Receives Award

July, 2020 – Expo Alternative Learning Center Highlight/Melissa Reade Recipient of Iowa Women’s Foundation Ovation Award

June, 2020 – Orchard Hill Lighthouse Milestone

May, 2020 – Connecting with Students During COVID – 19