Leader in Me Lighthouse School

Orchard Hill Lighthouse Milestone

Please share our excitement as we welcome Orchard Hill Elementary to the Leader in Me Lighthouse Milestone ranks! They are the 1st Cedar Falls school, 4th Leader Valley school, and 13th Iowa School to ascend to Lighthouse Milestone! Orchard Hill is not the first Cedar Valley school to reach this milestone. Other Cedar Valley Lighthouse institutions are Orange Elementary, Hoover Middle School, and St. Patrick Catholic School.

Orchard Hill Leader in Me Lighthouse Milestone

This photo was taken before COVID-19 related restrictions.

Orchard Hill received this milestone achievement for the unwavering commitment to student leadership, engagement,  and empowerment, as well as for their amazing results in leadership, culture, and academics.

Kim Nelson, coach and consultant, from FranklinCovey shares, “Orchard Hill is an amazing building where student voices are heard, adults model positive leadership, and there is an intentional focus on trusting relationships. What a great place for students, families, and staff to continue to grow in leadership and share their light!”

A Message from Leader Valley Students

Students in the Cedar Valley shared what they are thankful for and what it is like to experience Leader Valley from their perspective. What a heartwarming video!

Leader Valley Donor Spotlight

Leader Valley could not support our students, teachers, and administrators without the help of our generous partners.

We are thankful to The Max and Helen Guernsey Charitable Foundation for their ongoing support of Leader in Me.

Casey Reints, Executive Director of the Guernsey Foundation, said, “The Max & Helen Guernsey Charitable Foundation applauds the accomplishments and effectiveness of the Leader in Me program in Cedar Valley area schools.

We are thrilled to support the continuation and expansion of these efforts, to help area youth develop the confidence, character, and leadership abilities necessary to succeed in all aspects of their lives.”

Supporting Principals and Leadership Teams

Leader Valley has been busy supporting Leader in Me principals in small groups through the changes their schools have faced this spring. We have offered a series of professional learning sessions around the change model and how to help teams navigate the vast changes taking place.

Leader Valley Supports Cedar Valley Principals through Zoom Call

Leader Valley supports Cedar Valley principals through Zoom call, offering leadership and executive coaching during COVID-19.

Teri and Melissa have also been providing executive coaching to Leader in Me principals.

Sunni Hart, Orange Elementary Principal, had this to say, “Executive coaching has been a super supportive process for me.  I have been able to process, reflect, plan, execute, and celebrate in small chunks that are doable! It’s been so great to just process through a small, zoned-in goal with someone!”