The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team helps participants to surface current mindsets around their leadership, equip them with practical skills and tools as a leader, and sharpen their focus on how to achieve results with and through others.


  • Regardless of where participants are at in their leadership journey, there are nuggets of learning applicable that help them level up their leadership! We had aspiring leaders and partners in their organization participating and the content is incredibly relevant and timely.
  • Despite being virtual, this session was very interactive and is structured to allow people to connect with others in unique ways. One participant said, “This was the most engaged I have been in a virtual setting!” and another said, “I felt this was excellent and did not feel a difference from holding the meeting virtually as to how it would have been if held physically.


Participant Feedback, 92% said this workshop provided great value for them and 8% said it provided good value

100% said they would recommend the workshop!

Quotes (anonymous)-

  • “Really loved this – feeling recharged and like I am armed with the resources and knowledge needed to improve my effectiveness as a leader.”
  • “Practical approaches to use”
  • Strengths of the session- “Personal stories shared, active engagement for participants, visuals, opportunity to talk to others”
  • Strength of session- “Knowledge of facilitator, guidance provided, pertinent information we can utilize both professionally and personally.”
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